SHD Solid Handling Pump

Solid Handling Centrifugal Pump

The SHD type pump is a solid handling pump in horizontal and vertical configurations. With a single impeller, non-clog suction design and a single volute case, the SHD is the best choice for solid handling in the industry.

Operation Limits

Capacity up to 2,275 m³/h (10,000 gpm)
Head up to 73 m (240 ft)
Maximum Pressure up to 10.3 bar (150 psi)
Temperature 0 to 120 °C (32 to 248 °F)
Applications Wastewater transportation and treatment (sanitary, industrial, process and other kinds of wastes), Pollution control, Storm water.


The SHD vertically mounted has a structurally sufficient base to support the pump, motor and accessories, while the horizontally mounted SHD pump is mounted on a common base plate with the driver. These pumps are capable of pumping fluids with solids from 3'' to 6'' in diameter.

  • Horizontal or Vertical configurations
  • Single Stage
  • Enclosed impeller, non-clog design
  • End suction, single volute style casing
  • Handles solids up to 6'' in diameter
  • Bearings grease lubricated
  • One piece casting stuffing box
  • ANSI flanged nozzles Class 125
  • Cast Iron
  • Bronze
  • Steel
  • 12% Crome
  • Stainless Steel