Mag-Drive Pumps for complex industrial applications

RP's Magnetic Driven pumps offer minimized installation, operational and maintenance costs with zero leakage to the atmosphere and great energy efficiency in a compact design. Mag-Drive pumps will prevent the leakage of potentially toxic, explosive, highly corrosive or costly liquids, allowing to follow strict environmental and safety regulations for many industries.

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Magnetic Driven Pumps

CRP-M Mag-Drive Process Pump

The CRP-M pump range is equipped with a permanent magnetic drive in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2858, striking new paths especially for its ...

Capacity up to 500 m³/h (2,200 gpm)
Head up to 215 m (705 ft)

CRP-M-CC Mag-Drive Pump

With Permanent Magnetic Drive, the CRP-M-CC meets full DIN EN 2858 and DIN EN ISO 15783 standards. Horizontal single stage, foot mounted ...

Capacity up to 140 m³/h (620 gpm)
Head up to 146 m (480 ft)

SCE-M Mag-Drive Process Pump

The SCE-M is a single stage, horizontal, overhung centrifugal pump with permanent magnetic drive, built in accordance with the latest ...

Capacity up to 2,200 m³/h (9, 690 gpm)
Head up to 330 m (1,080 ft)